Our Services

Metal processing products

Metal processing products, steel and stainless steel units, locksmithery services

We produce high complexity metal processing products, equipments and stainless steel units based on our clients order of in lohn.

We successfully manage the resourcing of the materials, packaging and delivery to your door.



Other services

Grinding / Bending / Welding

Common locksmithery services:

  • Iron sheet grinding, size – 3000x10 mm
  • Iron plate bending - 1500x4 mm
  • Mig-Mag 400 A, Wig 180 A - welding
  • 180 A multipoint welding

  • With our partners, we offer you the following high standard quality services:

  • Metal cutting technology, CNC machinery
  • Laser processing
  • Wooden components
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What our clients are saying

"We have been working together with Carol Tech as a provider of steel stansions for the last 10 years. Thorough all these years we have been very satisfied with the high quality products we were offered. The decission to move our production of stansions from the Faroe Islands to Romania has proved to be great succes."

Ólavur Asafsson Olsen, CEO
KJ-HYDRAULIK, Insulele Faroe