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How we've evolved

With ten years experience in metal processing products gain at Oradea Industrial Construction Trust and nine years as technical coordinator at ROMCOM where he gathered experience in business management, Karol Szocs set in September 2000 the foundations of Carol Techin Ghindari, Targu-Mures county. The idea of starting his own company came as a result of an conversation with a friend from Faroe Islands, who asked him to try manufacturing galvanized steel elements (bead supports used in salmon fish farming). After a thorough analysis of possibilities, productions preparations were started. A 4000 square meters piece of land with industrial facilities on it was bought. Terrain adjustments were made and necessary machines and tools were acquired.

In the spring of 2001 the first order of bead supports or supporting poles was produced and sent

to the customer. Due to superior quality and attractive prices, a long term partnership was settled with KJ-HYDRAULIC Company from Faroe Islands.

Production was started with two employees but after the number of orders increased, another two employees were hired. With product diversification and new clients arriving, the production building found itself too small. The construction of a new hall was started so production would develop in optimal conditions. In 2002 the manufacturing of interior decoration products for Lastein Design – a company from Denmark – has started. Because of the limited production conditions, a production hall was rented and the construction of a new 400 square meter production hall started.

The new production hall was finished in 2005 and modern equipment acquired. A new client was contacted in 2006: OILWIND, a Company from Faroe Islands playing in fishing industry. They were interested in various stainless steel equipments. After a trial period the production of several stainless steel products started which led to a new area of development. Presently Carol Techhas fourteen employees working with mostly new equipments. Besides these clients that have developed long term relationships with us, there are other customers who benefit from the professionalism and quality of Carol Tech products.




Company mission has been since day one to stimulate local rural area development, to provide jobs especially for young people and to continuously specialize them. Last but not least company mission is to emerge into the European market. Even though we are a small company with several employees, we want to impose a brand that speaks throughout our quality/price attributes. We strive to offer our clients a wide range of services in small/medium array metal processing production using a wide network of suppliers and third party collaborators which whom we have established long term relationships.

Shortly we want to solve our client’s problems, not just to offer them services. We are an attractive company not only because our prices but through the trust we inspire on long run. (Fact proven by the relation with our existing customers). We are open to new challenges, searching partners for long term business relations. We are continuously concerned about environment, using the latest technologies and materials thus reducing the environmental impact.

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What our clients are saying

"We have been working together with Carol Tech as a provider of steel stansions for the last 10 years. The decission to move our production of stansions from the Faroe Islands to Romania has proved to be great succes."

Ólavur Asafsson Olsen, CEO
KJ-HYDRAULIK, Faroe Islands



Carol Tech Company

Relevant facts

  • Employees average age: 28
  • Most employees have been trained in-house
  • Employees have earn second degree welding qualification diploma in-house
  • We have preserved the fidelity of main customers
  • Auto fleet age: 1.5 years
  • Diplomas granted by The Chamber of Commerce and Industry:
  • Second place nationwide on Best IMM
  • Third place nationwide on Best IMM